What to Wear on a First Date

Dating Tips: What to Wear on a First Date

It goes without saying that making a good first impression is a half of your further success in a relationship. Millions of first dates behind but you start panicking every time you get to preparing for a new one? Everything in your appearance seems OK to you but there is still a problem with securing a second date? The reason can be hilarious but it should be identified and corrected. According to the dating experts from vavabrides.com, men tend to overlook the importance of their attire when going out with women. It’s time to figure out some common rules for you to follow when choosing clothes for your first date.

Get your appearance in order

Never underestimate this point. Nobody wants to deal with a man who doesn’t take care of his appearance (haircut, nails, beard and so on). Take a shower and put on some perfume. Slight presence of your natural scent will arouse her interest and even excitement. If you have a beard or mustache, you don’t have to shave it off. Just keep it tidy and neat. It should look as if it has grown there intentionally, not by accident. Clean ears and fresh breath are a must. Trim your nails regularly (do not ignore your toes). The important warning: never experiment with your appearance right on the eve of you significant event. The result may disappoint you but you won’t have enough time to correct it.

Feel comfortable

Choose the apparel that doesn’t limit your movements. It should fit you and, at the same time, be loose enough for your activity. It should emphasize your advantages and hide your imperfections in a proper way. It’s also very risky to wear a completely new thing. You never know what a cruel joke it can play on you (skin irritation due to rubbing, killing stiff seams, excessive sweating due to the cloth quality, etc). You should feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Otherwise, you may look silly and confused.

Choose relevant attire

Mind where your date is going to take place. It is rather unreasonable to wear too tight trousers or jeans if you’re going to a bowling club. One incautious movement and your underwear are exposed to her eyes – that’s embarrassing. Also, if you know that neatness and tidiness are not your strong points, do not wear some light-colored clothes to the restaurant. If you sweat a lot, there is nothing to be ashamed of, but also it shouldn’t be emphasized right on a first date. Try to choose shirts, T-shirts or sweaters that won’t reveal your little secret right from the start. The most prudent gentlemen may take some items to change with them. It’s not a good idea to put on your best suit or even tuxedo just to show off. Feel the relevance of the moment.

Polish your shoes

The common rule for both sexes is to keep their shoes clean and well-conditioned. Mind the size. You shouldn’t suffer from the rubbing pain during the date. Choose a pair that will complete your image but won’t be the brightest spot in it. Don’t forget: the center of her attention should be YOU, not your clothes or shoes.

Wear glasses (if you need them)

It’s OK to wear glasses both when you really need them and as an accessory (if they suit your style). But you take a risk of spoiling your date if you don’t wear them when you really need them and just bump into people and things like a blind man.

Put on some jewelry

Don’t go to extremes. You are welcome to wear things made of gold or silver to show your status and wealth. However, some very showy items may confuse your date.

Be moderate with colors

Keep in mind the fact: there should be only one dominating bright point in your whole image (either trousers, or a T-shirt, or something else). Never try to put on all your best and brightest things at once. You will look like a funny parrot.