Top Plays & Moments of Week 14

College football season is winding down, so let’s enjoy these last great moments.

The Iron Bowl as a whole. Alabama’s 55-44 win over Auburn was a game worth watching. A record-breaking 99 points and over 1100 total yards made for a lot of highlights, but here are two of my favorites.

After Sims threw his 3rd interception of the game, the Auburn rubbed some salt in the wound by pulling off this play, which never should have worked.

However, despite almost getting pulled out of the game, Sims had the last laugh.


Sims also took his aggression out on this poor lady who was completely steamrolled

This catch by Oregon’s Byron Marshall is worth watching again


This 91-yard TD run by Ole Miss running back Jaylen Walton was, well, bad ass



Due to some terrible field goal kicking by Florida, FSU went on to complete their second undefeated season. The play of the day though goes to Florida’s Quincy Wilson who had one of four Winston picks.


South Carolina was completing less than 50% of their passes when they figured out this trick…The referees refused to let the wide-receivers carry megaphones

megapass.0 (1)

Everyone loves a fat guy touchdown. For 299 pounds, Kentucky tackle Mike Douglas can move



No matter the circumstances, if a play goes 99 yards, it has to be on the list. This one by Georgia’s Damian Swann


Clemson’s Artavis Scott gets points in a lot of categories here, speed, agility, style, ninja skills, and the whole touch down thing


Here’s a closer look