The Top 8 Ways to Turn HER On

by Afton Lynnhead shot





1. The “Look”

Okay, so when I say the ‘look’ I understand that can be perceived in many ways, but I’m talking about the “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you” look. There’s something about a man giving us that look that leaves us literally melting on the spot. Of course, it has to be someone we actually WANT giving us this look, otherwise we might puke on the spot.

2. The “Ear Blow”

There is something extremely exhilarating about a man blowing into my ears. Nothing hard, just a light, soft blow- that warm air caressing the inside of my ear sends chills up my spine and can make any woman pounce on her man, or that man blowing in her ear, within seconds.

3. The “Tounge Teaser”

This one can be used in many, many different ways. But let’s say that you’re still in foreplay mode, trying to get the girl horny and ready for action. USE YOUR TOUNGE! When a guy uses his tounge gently and slowly, it creates a euphoric feeling in a womans body, thus allowing her to get “prepared” for the action. Depending on the woman will determine how hard and fast she wants you to use that tounge, and also what area of the body she’d like you to use it on.

4. The “Neck Kisser”

This is one of my personal favorites, and a sure fire turn on spot for ladies. Make out with your girls neck, and she’ll be ready to bone instantly. There’s something about your lips on our necks that drives us absolutely wild!


5. The “Dirty Talk”

Dirty talk can be so very sexy, if used the right way. Don’t go overboard, but you can get a little dirty. Something along the lines of “fuck me” will work.

6. The “Sweet Guy”

Sometimes being nice can actually get you laid, but I don’t mean just by being nice, I mean you truly have to do something to make this girl’s day. Lets say the girl has a shitty day, her best friend is mad at her and all she wants to do is eat chocolate and watch a sad movie. Go buy her some chocolate (her favorite kind) and rent a chic flick that is comedic in nature, to make her laugh of course. Offer to sit with her, watch the movie and indulge in a choco fest! She will appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind gestures, which will make her go crazy for you.

7. The “Tough Guy”

On the flip side, sometimes being the tough guy can get you laid. Notice I didn’t say the “mean guy” or the “asshole”. Say for instance, you and your girl are out at the bar and this guy starts picking or hitting on her and she feels super uncomfortable. When you stand up to him and take up for her – sure way to get you laid! Such a turn on!

8. The “Passionate Kisser”

So a make out session doesn’t always turn a girl on and get her ready to lay down with you, however, the way you conduct your kiss just might. A sexy, slow, long passionate kiss – yes, the kinds you see in movies, will turn a girl on in a second. The kiss itself will make her feel some type of way, and will get you laid almost instantly.

Happy humping!