Top 7 College Drinking Games

By: Afton Lynn

Being in college is all about furthering your education, learning a new trade and finding a career, right? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that if you work hard you can’t play hard! Take a break from the teachers and the homework every once in a while and celebrate these classic drinking games, making sure to send all of your awesome pictures to our @CollegeNightLife Instagram.


7:                        EDWARD 40 HANDS


This is a game where the player has to duct tape their hands to a 40-ounce beer and can’t be “undone” until they finish the entire beverage. You can also play by taping a 40-ounce to EACH hand, which makes this game a lot more interesting. “What if I have to pee?” you ask? Well, looks like you’ll be chugging that beer a little faster! You can play this game with however many people you like, even by yourself. I just don’t think that would be too smart, or fun for that matter.

If you are unaware, this game of course gets its name from the Tim Burton film “Edward Scissorhands” starring Johnny Depp. The message is clear; whether you’re working hands are replaced with 5 razor-sharp daggers or 40’s of OE, you’re guaranteed at least an hour and a half of quality entertainment.


6:                          POWER HOUR

This game can be played in several ways, but the key is to drink TO something. The name of the game is to drink every minute, ON the minute, for a whole hour. If anyone wusses out, they lose. Whoever makes it the entire hour wins, and is REALLY drunk.

Now, you can play this game other ways, such as drinking when someone on TV says the word “butt,” or drinking a shot every time someone farts. No matter the drinking cue you choose, you must see it through for an entire hour. See which one of your friends passes out first! Unless you pass out first, then you won’t know till the next day.

The only way to win



5:                            QUARTERS


This is a simple game where you place a cup, either with our without alcohol, in the center of the table and players sitting around the table will try to bounce their quarters into this cup. The goal is to land your quarter into the cup because failure to do so will mean that you have to drink up! Whoever lands the most cups, wins.

Players have the option to choose the rules and regulations for this game, which means you could play ‘strip quarters’, where your opponent takes off a piece of clothing every time you land one in their cup. This gives you a great reason to invite that person from your homeroom over that you’ve been crushing on.


Never Have I Ever is a game that reveals all of your naughty, dark, deep secrets. You sit around with a group of people, and each person holds up 10 fingers. Each player goes around saying “Never Have I Ever” and whatever they haven’t done, if you have, you put down a finger and drink up! It’s simple, whoever is left with the most fingers up, wins and those who have all their fingers down, well – you’ve just been around.

What a shameful game and you punish yourself by drinking, Oh the irony! Just don’t drink so much that you create another “Never Have I Ever” moment for the next round.

3:                        KING’S CUP/CIRCLE OF DEATH

The game King’s Cup, also known as Circle of Death, is a card game that you must play with quite a few people. Everyone sits around a table, or in a circle on the floor and the deck of cards is laid out before them. Each player takes a turn flipping a card over and depending on what the meaning of the card is, that is what everyone will do. No one really wins this game physically; the game just ends when there are no more cards.

2:                         FLIP CUP


While many of the games on our list are merely ways to remove some of the guilt from binge drinking, these next two classics are just as much about showing you’re the better player as they are an excuse to drink. With that said, if you didn’t come to play, you better make sure your friend is equally dispassionate about the game or GTFO, because people take this shit seriously.

This game was invented by college students, and has now gone on to have an entire World Series event dedicated to it.

1:                          BEER PONG


This game is probably the most popular college drinking game in the books, and there is only one way to play – when your ball lands in the opponents’ cup, they must drink the contents of it. Whoever gets rid of all the cups first, win!

Beer Pong originated from fraternaties in the 50’s and 60’s and some communities actually ban the game because of health concerns – but for God sakes people, this is why you make sure your balls are clean!

While there are hundreds of drinking games to play, we believe these Top 7 have achieved classic status and will continue to be the life of the party for generations to come!

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