Top 5 College Parties across the Country

Ryan Flynn

(Your U was not behind the making of these videos)

Every school has a major party to be at every year. Here we ranked the top five college parties across the country. You’re a fool if you do not attend one if not all of these events.

  1. Tour De Carbondale- Southern Illinois University Carbondale

The tour was originally started by the SIUC cycling team back in 2008. The event consists of over 300 people dressing up in costumes and ride bikes or take to other forms of transportations such as skateboarding or roller balding to five set locations where a different drink is served. The day includes nothing but shenanigans and utter debauchery.

  1. State Patty’s Day- Penn State University

After a group of students realized their spring break conflicted with St. Patrick ’s Day, they took to Facebook to create an initiative to move the holiday for the students of Penn State. The college bars open early in honor of the unofficial holiday and students flock to downtown State College to get the day started.

  1. Mifflin Block Party- University of Wisconsin Madison

This banger originally began back in 1969 as a student protest on the Vietnam War. Since then, The Mifflin Block party has soared to new heights and has made Mifflin St. the place to be the first weekend in May. The city of Madison absolutely despises the event and have turned down every permit application students have submitted.  But the party lives on.

  1. Spring Fling- University of Pennsylvania

Known as the largest party on the east coast, the social planning and event committee of the university put on this awesome event that boasts inflatables, food, and live music on the campuses quad. Recent performances have featured David Guetta, Akon, Passion Pit, Lupe Fiasco, & TIESTO

Since there were no really good videos, here’s Akon performing there in 2009

Drum roll please!

And the best college party is……

1. Little 5- Indiana University Bloomington

Little 5 is annual bike race in Bloomington held in April at Bill Armstrong Stadium on the university’s campus. This event has been dubbed “The Worlds Greatest College Weekend.” Solid way to send off the academic year.