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10 Qualities That Attract Men like a Magnet
Posted Oct. 2nd 2016

Very often, nice girls are even more popular with the opposite sex than their hot female friends. It means that appearance isn’t everything. Personal appeal is that thing that attracts men to women. So what are those traits that make a woman so magnetic? Brides Russian Dating site has compiled a list of the most […]

5 Things That Make Settling Down In College Worth It
Posted Jul. 6th 2015

by Nikki T Michigan State University  College is all about finding yourself. It’s about experimenting, figuring out what you like and what you don’t, who your true friends are, what kind of people you’re attracted to, what your interests are. It’s about drinking too much and hooking up and learning lessons, figuring out how to […]

The ABC’s of Exes: Do’s, don’ts, and You Better Nots Evers
Posted Jun. 22nd 2015

By Jillian Mason, Arizona State University You don’t tell them what lacy underwear you bought from Victoria’s Secret last weekend. You don’t tell them that you know Victoria’s secret. You don’t tell them anything. Absolutely nothing about your life shall enter their minds now that they are a part of a club where sad, slow […]

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The Secret Every Guy Should Know 
Posted Apr. 21st 2015

by Nikki T. Michigan State University In college, guys are either failing miserably at the bar throwing out cliché pick-up lines to every girl that walks past, or they’re too afraid to approach a girl that they’re genuinely interested in. There’s also that middle ground that many women would deem “stalker-ish” where guys retreat to […]

How to Ensure it’s More than Just a First Date
Posted Feb. 23rd 2015

by Blake Hall University of Alabama Listen up guys: if you’re not moving a relationship forward, you’re either stagnant or moving backwards, neither of which is likely to get any girl on a second date or in bed, much less in a relationship. There are multiple aspects to moving a relationship forward, all of which […]

5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Singles
Posted Feb. 13th 2015

by Robby Torrence 1. ValenTinder – Find yourself the temporary love of your life for the evening. They might not be the “bring home to mom” type, or even the “let your roommate see her/him” type, but they definitely are a type and she/he definitely will let you inside after only 4 hours of knowing […]

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8 Scientifically Proven Ways Women Can Be More Attractive to Men
Posted Feb. 7th 2015

Yes, there is science to attraction. That is not to say that you don’t have a choice, but basic instinct does play its role. Most of these factors can be controlled ladies, so take note. 1. Show Those Pearly Whites                 Smiling makes him more comfortable in your presence, […]

The Truth about Open Relationships and Cheating
Posted Jan. 25th 2015

Candice from Washington State University Coming from personal experience, open relationships are messy. Fucking messy. Anyone who is entertaining the idea for a new or current-long-standing relationship should think long and hard about the type of person they are and how they handle difficult situations. Open relationships are tricky because everything about it states that […]

6 Places Where and Where NOT to Get Your Freak On!
Posted Dec. 24th 2014

by Jann O Exploring sexuality is really common around college aged kids. Heck! If you’re in college, it’s pretty impossible to get away from it. There is no shame in “the S word” (sex) because for one it’s a natural human desire and means of well….making babies. If you’re ready and responsible enough for babies that […]

How to Score, and Keep, Your Dream Girl
Posted Dec. 12th 2014

by Shan Nasir Most guys have no idea about what it takes to attract beautiful women, and I promise you that though it might help, you do not need movie-star looks. Read this article to get an idea how it is done Don’t act desperate You need to act like you have done this plenty […]