How to Score, and Keep, Your Dream Girl

by Shan Nasir

Most guys have no idea about what it takes to attract beautiful women, and I promise you that though it might help, you do not need movie-star looks. Read this article to get an idea how it is done

Don’t act desperate

You need to act like you have done this plenty of times. One sure way to lose the game is be obsessive and call her 5 times in a day. Don’t act like you want to marry her – play it casual.

Make her guess

If you act predictable, women lose excitement and curiosity. Make sure she thinks that she does not have you in her control. Act spontaneously, change date hangouts; it is okay not to call her up sometimes – when you said you would.

Don’t hesitate

Most women appreciate courage and decisiveness. Go for the first kiss. Prove that you are an alpha, dominant male who has guts and power.

Make her put an effort

Don’t do what she wants you to do all the time. Show her your unpredictable side. Remember, you are not an easy man to please. Make sure that there is reciprocation in phone calls.

Be original

Beautiful women get approached by hundreds of men; you need to be creative to stand out. Do things which wouldn’t occur to a mediocre guy. Find out what gets her excited.

Be a man with a plan

You are the one who makes the decisions. Tell her where you will take her, how she should dress up, when you will pick her up. She needs to know that you have taken care of everything. You are in control.

Avoid being a creep

Don’t whine about the small stuff; don’t get jealous and don’t be too honest. Don’t ask where she’s going or who she is talking to all the time. Don’t like or comment on Instagram pictures that are more than 3 days old.

Be a thorough gentleman

Stand out from the crowd by showing her that you are a gentleman through and through. Small gestures will do wonders for you here. When you go to a restaurant, open the door for her; walk with her to the door when you drop her off. For god’s sake remember her birthday and holidays, even if you think Valentine’s Day is stupid. Suck it up

Be mysterious

Avoid telling her everything about yourself in one-go. Keep things to reveal later; this will keep her interested. Don’t tell her the best stuff about yourself; she will feel more attracted if she discovers it herself.