Preparing for Spring Fashion

by William Xavier-Hurst

Concordia University Portland

Even though most of you in the Northeast are still getting dumped on with snow, those of us in the Pacific Northwest are preparing for Spring and we’re in the awkward stages when it comes to fashion.  Questions you ask yourself before you leave your house include ‘Do I want to be cold and look fashionable’ or ‘Do I wear a big jacket and throw off my fiiswaunishoe2 (1)t for the day’? The solution that I’ve found over the past few weeks in jean jackets, but why? I say this because they’re sturdy, comfortable, but not too heavy and can be worn many different ways.

iswaunibackpack2But, one can run into a few problems when deciding to wear this accessory. If you’re like me, you love jeans – skinny jeans, fit jeans, baggy jeans, jeans with bling on the back pockets (kidding) but whatever type of jean you like wearing denim on denim isn’t always pulled of very well when paired together. What I’ve found is that a nice twill pant or black jean with a nice button down shirt (and sometimes tie if you want to be business casual) always make a nice compliment when you decide to wear a jean jacket for the day.