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10 YouTube Videos That Used To Rule The Internet
Posted Jun. 12th 2015

By Courtney Callahan, University of Iowa As the end to yet another semester nears, finals week approaches sucking out every last bit of humor and energy left in the universe. For the small fraction of students who spend all semester long studying, their week consists of blissful thoughts, pug playdates, and a cocky, yet satisfying “I run this […]

3 Michigan Fraternities Cause More than $50k in Damage at Northern Michigan Ski Resort
Posted Jan. 21st 2015

Signs that you had a good weekend include memories made, the size of the hangover, and yes the amount of havoc you wreck on your host’s property Northern Michigan’s News Leader

Top 5 College Parties across the Country
Posted Dec. 21st 2014

Ryan Flynn (Your U was not behind the making of these videos) Every school has a major party to be at every year. Here we ranked the top five college parties across the country. You’re a fool if you do not attend one if not all of these events. Tour De Carbondale- Southern Illinois University […]

College Senior Shows You How Not to Study for an Exam via Snapchat
Posted Nov. 28th 2014

Let’s be honest, many of us have had this journey so Weissbro’s actions certainly aren’t groundbreaking. However, creatively documenting it all on Snapchat for our viewing pleasure warrants a feature here. Submit your pictures and video here! Think there is a story about your campus that we should be covering? Let us hear it   […]