Your New Favorite Drinks You’ve Never Heard Of

by Austin Albert


After being in college awhile, you may have reached a point where you think you’ve tried everything.  No drinks are new to you.  You know what’s good, what’s bad.  keggers and WOP parties have lost their appeal.  Hopefully this never happens to you, but if it does, it’s time to switch it up and try something new.  Here are seven drinks that aren’t so common on college campuses, but are definitely worth checking out.

  1. Mountain Dew Voltage and Jameson Whisky



My friend introduced me to this one, and I’ll admit I was skeptical.   But what many people don’t know is that Mountain Dew was actually originally created as a mixer for whisky.  Now with some new flavors, it’s only getting better.  Mixing Jameson Irish Whisky with Mountain Dew Voltage (that’s the blue stuff), creates an awesome tasting fusion that doesn’t disappoint.  Ever since my friend tried it, it’s all he drinks.  If you don’t want to shell out the cash for Jameson, it will work with any whisky, but sometimes spending the few extra bucks is worth it.

  1. Amaretto and Hot Chocolate


Not many people drink amaretto in the first place.  TO add to this, in college, most people ditch the hot chocolate in favor of coffee.  Time to make the switch.  Amaretto (an almond-flavored liqueur) can be mixed with hot chocolate to create a great winter drink.  It will warm you up fast, plus it tastes great.  The one downside is it isn’t exactly party-friendly (unless you want to drag around a thermos to get drunk).  However, amaretto hot chocolate is perfect for a chill night with friends when it’s way to cold to leave your room.


  1. Fireball and Apple Cider

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If you’re in the mood for something spicy, Fireball is the answer.  If you want to make it taste even better, add some apple cider.   If you use hot apple cider the blend is perfect for waking you up in the morning.  If you opt for cold apple cider, the result is much manlier, much better tasting version of apple ale.



  1. Yoo-Hoo and Vodka


Often referred to as “the poor man’s Black Russian.”  This stuff tastes incredible.  6791294836_03b7048295_zIt’s all the Yoo-Hoo taste you loved from when you were a kid, combined with all the awesomeness of being drunk as an adult.  Make them however strong you like, and I recommend Pinnacle’s whip cream flavored vodka.  In many cases, the overwhelming chocolate will mask the taste of the vodka anyway.  Even better, no one expects the kid holding a Yoo-Hoo to be getting drunk off his ass.




  1. Gin, Lemonade, and 5-Hour Energy

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Yes, you should probably be careful with this one.  Mixing energy drinks and alcohol usually isn’t a good idea, but all three of these are great for those who like some sour stuff.  You can alter the flavor depending on which 5-hour energy you use, or by using raspberry lemonade or limeade.  It’s probably wise to dilute the energy drink and gin with a fair amount of lemonade, but I’m not your mom so I’m not going to tell you what to do.  Buy enough ingredients and this makes for some pretty good wop.



  1. Root Beer and Rum or Rumchata


Great drink if you run out of coke.  Or if you just prefer root beer to coke.  Using white or dark rum will switch up the flavors, but both taste pretty good.  If you want to add ice cream, there’s some great recipes online for making rum root beer floats.  Perfect for a summer day when you want to celebrate that last exam you just polished off.




  1. Beer Buster

Up until this point, I’ve listed drinks that taste good.  This one doesn’t.  If you don’t know, a beer buster is made from beer, vodka, and tobasco sauce.  My roommate and I tried this one freshman year.  No one can really say they enjoy this drink.  It’s more of a pride thing, just to say you did it.  If you don’t throw up, you have a great story to tell for the grossest thing you ever drink.  If you actually like these things, you’re crazy and you can probably make sure no one else touches your booze if this is all you drink.