Movie Review: The Interview

by Kate Roark

It is no surprise the ruthless dictator of South Korea, Kim Jong Un, made terroristic threats on the United States if the “The Interview” was released to theaters on Christmas Day. The film portrays Un as a incompetent, overly sensitive cry baby who excessively enjoys the music of Katy Perry. On the flip side, Dave Skylark and Aaron Rapoport (played by James Franco and Seth Rogen) are a television personality and producer who only seem to enjoy making money from making fun of big time name celebrities such as Eminem and Rob Lowe. However, when Kim Jong Un shows intrigue in Skylark’s show, Skylark and Rapoport show great interest in having the tyrant on for an interview. The film picks up speed when the two are enlisted by the CIA to “take out” the leader of North Korea while in the process of conducting this interview.

In the beginning, I was a little reluctant to see this film for the fear I may not laugh at its quips as much as the audience member to my left. I was worried it would be a waste of time because I do not believe Franco to have great talent and am easily irritated by the sound of Rogen’s throaty laugh. However, I am glad to say that my first judgment could not have been more mistaken. The film was a hilarity hit!

The Interview is an offensive, dirty humor driven comedy that does not require great acting skill in order to be a success. However, it did require a much needed comical chemistry between its two leading men: Franco and Rogen. Their timing, expressions, reactions and played off jests could not have been any better. It is obvious the two have a strong connection outside of the film which only strengthened their on camera connection. Randall Park, the lucky man who played Kim Jung Un, was never afraid to “go there” when it came to showing Un in more than an unflattering light. His portrayal was excellent, and if I do say so myself, eerily realistic.


This film is worth seeing for two main reasons. The first is because it is a box office hit in the comedy department. The vile humor is everyone’s guilty pleasure, and the massive mockery of Kim Jung Un is like the cherry on top. The second reason is a more political one. When the news became public of this film’s subject matter, Kim Jung Un threatened to release his bombs upon the US. This was an extremely childish yet quite dangerous warning on his part. The Sony hack was nothing to be trifled with either. It became clear, once the studio pulled the film’s mass release, that the viewing of this film could have serious consequences. However, the President of the United States himself even said pulling the film was “a mistake”.  This showed an American weakness to an unfair played hand by South Korea. So, US citizens who chose to see this film and contribute to its success, overall, began a somewhat patriotic movement. Paying to see this film was a way of saying, “Kim, buddy, you’re a joke. And your threats are a joke. And none of us respect you as a leader. We see you as something much smaller and foolish”.

That is why I chose to see this film and give it $9 of my earnings. After many side splitting guffahs and multiple knee slappers and what seemed like a continuous strain of laughing tears, I walked out of Tower City Cinemas in Cleveland feeling like I had put work into a cause. I had stood up with a force against a cruel and oppressive leader whom should be sent from South Korea on a rail. Fortunately for us, Un has such little influence in America that the film which makes such gross fun of him has already made over $31 million. Sorry, Un. It was more than worth it.

So if you are torn between seeing the movie or not, always remember you can rent it on Sony’s website and Youtube for $6 in the comfort of your own home. Or, you may be lucky enough to have a local cinema that has decided to show it temporarily. But it is worth it. Not only is the film utterly hilarious, and like I said, an extreme comedic guilty pleasure, also remember it is contributing to a cause much bigger than you could have imagined. You are standing up against a terroristic despot but also giving voice to the millions he oppresses. It is like we are all saying, “You are not fooling anyone anymore”. It is a strong message paired with a gritty and a funnily rude premise. The filmmakers and actors did an excellent job merely because they paired Franco and Rogen and went directly after Un authoritarian rule. I would say this was a job well done and definitely worth a $6 watch.