Movie Review: Horrible Bosses 2

by Stephen Jordan

I don’t know if this was the highly anticipated comedy sequel of the year, but here it is anyway. Horrible Bosses 2. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day return as their characters from the first film, Nick, Kurt and Dale. These guys are the modern day three stooges, or modern day Marks Brothers.

In their most recent shenanigans, the three gents decide to pool their resources and start their own business. If you saw the last movie, you know that these guys have a real problem working for people they don’t like. So, they threw that obligation out the window, by being their own bosses. Now they’re not Steve Jobs, they weren’t going to create some awesome app like BlueChatBox. They’ve created a new product called the “Shower Buddy”, you know, something you use in the shower.

In theirĀ mind, they were primed for success and only needed a little help producing units and distributing. They meet a European investor, played by Christoph Waltz, who decides to help them, much to the annoyance of hisĀ arrogant son played by Chris Pine, who is hysterical. He’s totally channeling Ray Liota throughout the film. Of course, anybody with power is going to be a huge jerk, right? Exactly. Nick, Kurt and Dale get F’d over by Waltz. Duh. So then they decide to kidnap his son and hold him for ransom. Great plan, right?!


The biggest mistake of this film is that it does the very thing that most comedy sequels do, which is try too hard to capture the magic of the previous film. Most R-rated comedies go way too far with the gross out/sex/toilet humor, and absurd reality -breaking situations the characters will somehow stumble into. This movie certainly breaks some laws of reality, but it’s not a cartoon. It begins with an extremely old visual gag that is painfully unfunny, but then quickly picks up. I was surprised by how much I was laughing, considering this movie was not getting great reviews like its predecessor. Bateman, Sudekis and Day always have great chemistry, and that hasn’t changed, any scene with just those three will deliver some laughs, guaranteed. Oh, Jennifer Aniston is a completely unhing ed sexual deviant. It’s kind of hot. Her character is even more raunchy and dirty than the first time around, so if that is your thing, you’ll love it.

All in all, I would say the first film is better, but I think this one is a solid comedy as well, it just felt a bit lazy in certain places. If you’re looking for laughs, it’s certainly better than Dumb and Dumber To. Check this movie out instead.