Why Modest Clothing is in and Here to Stay! 6 Modest Outfits that Will Still Turn Heads

by Jann O.

U of Iowa

Young college women want to feel sexy and validated not only for their smarts and hard work but their beauty too!

Beauty has many forms. You dont need to dress super revealing to feel sexy, look great and get validation and to fit the norms/terms of today’s society on what is attractive.

However I don’t believe in slut shaming so if that works for you great. Power to you sister! But if you want to try something new or like dressing modest than this is for you.

Over the years as a young female student I have seen the variations in what women like to wear and the new thing I have observed is that lots of young women are embracing modest fashion because modesty is the new sexy and a great way to represent yourself!

Now, when people think of modest what do they think of? Do veils or shawls, long pope looking robes & kimonos come to mind? Yes. That is beautiful if it’s your ideal thing to wear or go-to everyday type of outfit. However most ladies in the U.S.A and in college don’t dress this way so fear not because you don’t have to dress like the virgin Mary covered from head to toe. Here is a list of six items of modest clothing that can make the ladies look great, beautiful, modest and presentable. Oh, and you don’t have to break your budget either, especially if you like to go thrift shopping or look around for sales. Here are some to name:

1. Long sleeve jumpsuits & Rompers

Just because a lady digs a jumpsuit does not mean it has to be extremely baggy and or losse!

Jumpsuits are great because they provide overall coverage while showing off what your mama gave you. Although some may prefer baggy jumpsuits with lots of patterns and colors, thats fine. But if you want a casual or everyday look try a black body fitting jumpsuit with a belt, seductive heels and accessories.


2. Pencil skirts

Skirts are always a go to choice especially if you’re in the mood to party, show of some legs and or dress up! Pencil skirts are formal and complement your body shape whatever size.

Try colors black, white and or grey with your favorite blouse formal or casual. These skirts rock your body as well as presenting you as a beautiful being to prospective employers and your mate. Rawr ! :)


3. Scarves

Scarves are a really perfect fit not just for fall and winter but if it’s your style and you believe it suits you then rock it year round! Thick scarves go well with fall and winter outfits while thin scarves made of silk go well with spring and summer. Try wearing a scarf causley with an outfit for winter and or fall. And for the warmer days try a thick silk scarf to compliment a formal dress or dress suit.


4. Cardigans

Cardigans can go and work with almost anything you want to wear.

When you don’t feel like wearing long sleeves under your blouse or T -shirt  try a cardigan over it either with the sleeves made to your liking. Adding some cute leggings, your favorite blouse, sexy boots or flats and some cute jewelry along with the cardigan you own (especially if it matches the color of your outfit or is black) are a great classy outfit to start your day!


5. Mid-Length casual dresses

If you don’t feel like wearing a super short dress, a long one or are worried your too dolled up then hit this! Mid-length dresses come in many shapes, colors and varieties to suit your tastes and body! Ladies, if you’re not comfortable wearing the dress alone than throw on some leggings and a cardigan.


6. Stretchy dress pants and a blouse

Not all dress pants have to make you feel unattractive, old and be loose. Try a pair of dress pants that are made stretchy so it doesn’t bother you when you move around. Also wear a formal or casual blouse to your liking.

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