How to Dress for Any Interview

by Julia Drewitz

“Charm [is] a scheme for making strangers like and trust a person immediately.”-Kurt Vonnegut

First impressions happen every single day whether you admit this to yourself or not. College prepares you for the real world, and the real world includes a job. In order to get that job, you will have to have a job interview.

I work as a receptionist for a rehabilitation care center while attending school. I always see prospective employees arriving for interviews or wanting applications, and I can tell who will be taken seriously, and who will not. Let me help make your first impression play into your favor.


If you are applying for a food industry job or a physically focused job casual may be the best option.

interview cloths

interview cloths2If you wear jeans make sure they do not have tears in them. A nice white shirt or cami with a cardigan gives a polished, yet casual appearance. If you wear a skirt make sure it is close to knee length, or pair it with some dark tights. Don’t wear super high heels if you’re applying to a job where you need to move around. You want to show the interviewer you are more down- to-earth and ready to work.

Don’t be too dressy. You’ll look and feel out of place. Don’t pile on the makeup, jewelry, or fragrance. Your accessories should highlight your outfit, not be the main focus.

Formal Interview

Congratulations! You’ve hit the big time, but now you have to pull out the big guns.

interview cloths3interview cloths4Make sure you dress conservatively, try imagining yourself as a young first lady. Make sure your skirt is almost or covering your knees, wear a classy flat or heel that works well with your outfit, and add refined jewelry. If you decide to go with dress pants and a nice blouse try spicing the outfit up with color coordinating belt and heels. If you’re tall, like I am, feel free to wear nice flats, or rock some short heels. Make sure your heels are not too high, and your shirt covers yourself even when bending over.

A job interview is intimating. Try to prepare yourself the night ahead by laying out your outfit. Practicing what you will say by looking up some common interview questions. When the big day arrives, try to get there fifteen minutes ahead of time. Make sure you are courteous to everyone once you arrive. Interviewers often ask workers how their interviewees acted, so be polite to everyone you interact with.

An interview is a wonderful opportunity, so don’t ruin your chance by not dressing properly. Come early, prepared, collected, and I am sure you will succeed.

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