Heart-wrenching Short Film by Two Hofstra University Students
Posted Jun. 13th 2015

By Jillian Mason, Arizona State University The short film “But You Didn’t” is based off of the anonymous poem of the same name. The short film, so moving and passionate, depicts a young woman expressing her feelings of hope throughout sorrow about a man who never left, despite what she did. In the end, the […]

Best Part-Time Jobs For College Kids
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Posted May. 28th 2015

by Jessica Swinney Florida State University We could all use a little extra cash, but have you ever wondered how to get it without working your life away? Check out some of these part-time jobs that will have you rolling in the dough while still leaving you time for school. Serving. The hours tend to be […]

The 10 Most Secret College Societies
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Posted May. 17th 2015

10. The Noble NoZe Brotherhood at Baylor University Send a bunch of teenagers to a Baptist school and there’s bound to be a large number of those who refuse to conform to everyyyything. At Baylor, those select few get tapped to join the Noble NoZe Brotherhood, since 1924. Founded around the joke that one guy’s nose was so […]

The 7 Best Shots You Can Make in Beer Pong…Ranked  
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Posted Apr. 23rd 2015

by Austin Albert UW-Madison #7 The last cup:  This seems like just another cup, but every experienced player will tell you this is the hardest cup to hit.  The last shot is what shows who has true skill, versus who is just lucky.  You actually have to aim, and if you miss, there’s no chance […]

How to be the Perfect College Gentleman
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Posted Mar. 19th 2015

By Austin Albert UW-Madison Learn to handle your liquor This is the most important thing you can do if you want people to even start respecting you.  No one wants to be the guy that has to be taken care of, or gets kicked out of the party early.  If you’re the person who can […]

10 of the Highest Paid Jobs that are Hiring
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Posted Feb. 7th 2015

Some of these are more obvious than others, but nevertheless useful information for those of you who are still undecided and want to give your parents some reassuring statistics. Then again you might be setting yourself up for an even bigger letdown when  you are still unemployed come graduation because all that you have to show […]

How to Avoid Being “That Girl”
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Posted Jan. 29th 2015

Nikki T. Michigan State Chances are, you already have a pretty good idea of what exactly I’m referring to when I say “that girl.” If not, think back to the last time you were out at the bar. Was there one girl in particular that was a little louder than she needed to be, or […]

3 Michigan Fraternities Cause More than $50k in Damage at Northern Michigan Ski Resort
Posted Jan. 21st 2015

Signs that you had a good weekend include memories made, the size of the hangover, and yes the amount of havoc you wreck on your host’s property Northern Michigan’s News Leader

Your New Favorite Drinks You’ve Never Heard Of
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Posted Dec. 26th 2014

by Austin Albert UW-Madison After being in college awhile, you may have reached a point where you think you’ve tried everything.  No drinks are new to you.  You know what’s good, what’s bad.  keggers and WOP parties have lost their appeal.  Hopefully this never happens to you, but if it does, it’s time to switch […]

Top 5 College Parties across the Country
Posted Dec. 21st 2014

Ryan Flynn (Your U was not behind the making of these videos) Every school has a major party to be at every year. Here we ranked the top five college parties across the country. You’re a fool if you do not attend one if not all of these events. Tour De Carbondale- Southern Illinois University […]