A Healthy Rivalry
Posted Oct. 5th 2017

Our first shoot ever! Big game this weekend but, personally I would rather watch this. 3 hotties from each of these two rivals make for quite the match up. Watch them party in a limo here!  

Photo May 14, 2 29 15 PM
Your.University Snapchat Booty Highlights: Part 1
Posted Oct. 8th 2016

When you are one of the first accounts to do Snapchat takeovers and constantly shoot beautiful ladies around the country, you end up with A LOT of quality booty snaps. Here’s the first compilation. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the picture gallery! And go to for the X-Rated version!

An Inside Look at Blue Mountain State
Posted Feb. 2nd 2016

Blue Mountain State’s long awaited movie The Rise of Thadland was released today. Since midnight it’s already managed to shock the world, becoming the #1 movie on iTunes most purchased films. The film’s production team battled no shortage of challenges creating Thadland, and we caught up with one of them today for an inside look. […]

17 Times Your Professor Had No Chill
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Posted Sep. 2nd 2015

by Monique Bartley 1. When you still have a month left of summer and they insist on sending you e-mails. 2. When they want you to reenact the middle ages. You mean I have to print it on real paper then walk to your office to turn it? You know about the internet right? 3. […]

UF Phi Kappa Tau’s Party Video is Worth Watching
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Posted Jul. 16th 2015

UF’s Oasis Party wasn’t one you wanted to miss. Of course, it helps when Candyland headlines. If you’re going to have an epic night, you better get that shit on tape. Luckily, the man behind a couple of Your U’s best videos was there to make sure this night to be remembered would actually be […]

5 Things That Make Settling Down In College Worth It
Posted Jul. 6th 2015

by Nikki T Michigan State University  College is all about finding yourself. It’s about experimenting, figuring out what you like and what you don’t, who your true friends are, what kind of people you’re attracted to, what your interests are. It’s about drinking too much and hooking up and learning lessons, figuring out how to […]

Whip-its: A Beginner’s Guide
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Posted Jun. 28th 2015

(Disclosure: Though this article is sufficiently researched, I am not a doctor or even a medical student. Abuse of any substance as well as using products against the recommendation of the manufacturer always carries a risk.  I am in no way encouraging the use of whip-its. Instead, his is meant to be a guide for those […]

How To Avoid Going Broke In College: The Little Things
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Posted Jun. 27th 2015

By Amanda Byk, Ball State University One thing I like about having a job while in college is that I have money of my own to spend. For those who don’t have a job, a limited supply of money and a few bucks from the ‘rents is enough for the little things we like to […]

Awesome Fashion Film by Students from the University of Michigan
Posted Jun. 16th 2015

The University of Michigan’s fashion and pop-culture magazine, SHEI, strives to be the top student-run fashion magazine in the country, and as far as we can tell they have succeeded. Students coming together to collaborate and work through the creative process to produce media at it’e highest quality. It’s really awesome. You can check out their […]

Calling All Talented Students
Posted Jun. 14th 2015

Your U is beginning to diversify our production capabilities and we want to feature and highlight your own work and talents. We want to use our connections with hundreds of talented photographers and videographers to highlight talented students of all kinds. Let us shoot your next skate video or music video! Already have something you […]