Calling All Talented Students

Your U is beginning to diversify our production capabilities and we want to feature and highlight your own work and talents. We want to use our connections with hundreds of talented photographers and videographers to highlight talented students of all kinds. Let us shoot your next skate video or music video! Already have something you put together with your own efforts? Submit it and show it off to the entire country!

Know somebody who should be featured? Sign up for them below!


Here’s an example of what we are looking for:

  1. Musicians of all kinds
  2. Dancers of all kinds
  3. Extreme sports athletes of all kinds
  4. Students and NCAA athletes with interesting stories and backgrounds to be featured in documentary-like productions
  5. Stories of student entrepreneurs
  6. Student photographers, filmmakers, and other artists

Submit your work here and please include a short description of what we are looking at!

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