Best Part-Time Jobs For College Kids

by Jessica Swinney

Florida State University

We could all use a little extra cash, but have you ever wondered how to get it without working your life away? Check out some of these part-time jobs that will have you rolling in the dough while still leaving you time for school.

  1. Serving. The hours tend to be flexible (other than weekends being required) and you have the potential to control your own hourly wages. Sure, base pay is barely over five dollars an hour, but even if you only get one table an hour, you’re likely to be making more than minimum wage. With a big smile and a little speediness, your tips alone will be paying the rent.
  2. Sales. Similar to serving, you can work fewest hours and make the most money, thanks to commission, and the base pay tends to be much higher than hospitality. Big corporations may also offer benefits if you decide to bump up to full-time, or promote you if you become a big seller. Plus, depending on the company, you might be able to keep your weekends free.
  3. On-Campus Jobs. For those looking for convenience, you can’t beat this one. Head to work straight from class and eliminate commute time. Depending on the available businesses on your campus, you could even combine this with another job on this list and make a killing. Not to mention, these employers tend to be the most understanding when exam time comes. Or the football games, depending on your priorities.
  4. Tutoring. There are always parents around who are looking for bright college students to help them jump-start their kids’ educations. Just choose your best subject, post some ads, and wait for the calls to roll in. This is also a great way to brush up on your basics in the subject, as well as get experience if you’re looking to teach in the future. Possibly the most fun you can have making ten dollars an hour.
  5. Paid Internships. Although this one requires some serious effort when it comes to applying, the results are definitely worth it. Those offering internships are already aware of student scheduling, so working around classes shouldn’t be an issue. The experience you gain will be invaluable when it comes to building your resume. Getting money to do what you should be doing after graduation? Yes, please.