6 Places Where and Where NOT to Get Your Freak On!

by Jann O

Exploring sexuality is really common around college aged kids. Heck! If you’re in college, it’s pretty impossible to get away from it. There is no shame in “the S word” (sex) because for one it’s a natural human desire and means of well….making babies. If you’re ready and responsible enough for babies that is.

Now the only shame in “the S word” is where you do it. Let’s be honest, many of you, or at least people you know, have done it in the most absurd places. And yes, I am talking about that time someone may have done it in a park during the day, or their grandma’s balcony or stairway! Come on! It’s common sense that no matter how in the mood you are, that you should make the right choice to control your raging hormones and think about the consequences before you do the deed and the negative outcome starts rolling. My friends, here is a list of six places you should really do and NOT do the deed. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it…

  • Do: Your bedroom!


Even if you do or don’t have roommates this is pretty common. Regardless you and your partner will have A) some privacy if your roommates are gone or if you’re at least in your room, turn up music and lock the door, and B) depending on the size of your bed and room, you have enough space to get all sorts of freaky. Just make sure your room is clean because for some people…that’s a huge turn off and is pretty embarrassing on your end.

  • Do: Hotel room!

motel sex

Alright, so this one is for those of you who can afford it, if there is a special occasion or you just want some privacy and your partner’s place and or your home is not available to occupy at the moment. Plus, sometimes it’s fun to just get away.

  • Do: Private pool or large showering area

photo (1)

While doing the deed in any area of limited space is not safe at all, especially if you are not careful, adding some water to the equation always makes things more interesting.

According to Oyiabrown.com, 62% of residents of the inner city area have had shower sex. Now imagine how many people that is in the U.S and worldwide? Hmmmm…interesting. So if you have a private pool or a shower with lots of room, get at it.

  • DON’T: The car!


This is really a bad idea to begin with. I understand some people really feel in the mood and just want a quickie but for one depending on the size of your car it can be really uncomfortable, embarrassing and tricky! And if people happen to spot you or worse, the cops, than your really not going to have a good ride.

  • DON’T : Religious establishments/Places of worship

For those of you who have ever thought about doing the deed in a place of worship…please reconsider. It is just down right disrespectful regardless if you dont believe in religion and or a higher being, have respect for those who do! After all you NEVER know who is watching! Plus, is there really any good place to do it?

  • DON’T: Your parent’s, grandparent’s or in law’s home


Ok listen up, even if your hormones are kicking your ass and you find yourself having trouble fighting the urges then please let your brain remind you of the consequences!

For one it’s very disrespectful to your family and the one’s who raised and nurtured you. Embarrassment and having an odd outcome is also very possible on both ends if you are caught, and didn’t your mother teach you some manners? If so just remember she would not be proud at all of all the lustfulness inside you, so take your horny selves somewhere else.