10 Songs to Include in Your New Years Party Playlist

By Hing Potter

Boise State

Are you planning to have the best New Years party shindig? What party would be complete without music – and we all know you have to play the latest hottest jams and old classics. Here are 10 songs to include in your New Years playlist to keep the party bumpin’ and to “tune” in 2015 the right way!

1) Coldplay – Sky Full of Stars (ft. Avicii) [Colin Callahan Mix]

Pick up the beat and dance a little harder to edit. It’s up tempo, catchy and puts you in the club mood. So grab the sexiest person next to you and jam out.

2) Blackstreet – No Diggity (Bondax Remix)

We all know this classic jam, but now it’s been turnt up. It get’s you moving and you’ll be still be singing along, “no doubt.”

3) Nirvana – Girls (DJ Dima Edit)

We all like Nirvana. We all like girls. And we all like to dance. This is all three mashed into one hit. You’ll also enjoy the video!

(This video shall be reenacted in Your U style soon)

4) Makonnen – Tuesday (ft. Drake)

New Years might not be on a Tuesday but that doesn’t mean we can’t still club. This single has solid bass hook that you know will get people “goin’ up.” Don’t be surprised if this anthem get’s people singing along.

5) Chris Brown – Till I Die (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean)

This party starter will get people up and moving. Chris Brown gives us another moving beat with the help of Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean who both hit with versus of their own to add to hype.

6) Big Sean – IDFWU (ft. E-40)

We all have that ex we ain’t give a f*ck about, or that one person who screwed us over. Those haters we left for greener pastures. Tell people how you really feel when this jam comes on. Or simply tell 2014 “bye!” by telling it “IDFWU.”

7) Notorious BIG – Mo’ Money Makin’ Mo’ Problems (ft. Ma$e & Puff Daddy v A-Trax & Dillion Francis) (941 Hit Squad Edit)We all know the original classic hit. We all know lyrics. We all know the legend. It’s all been mashed up to a club bouncer that sets it off right.

8) Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (ft. Bruno Mars) [BillyBeats Remix]

Keep it funky and keep it poppin’! BillyBeats steps up the track for the club with vibes and electro touches to bring you modern booty shakin funk. “Don’t believe me just watch!”

9) Schoolboy Q – Man of the Year (Price Remix)

Turning this hip-hop anthem into a booty poppin’ club hit, DJ Price speeds up the beat sure to get your body moving – or at least titty, ass and hands in the air. And besides, who would be complaining about that. BOUNCE! For the original check out our Wolverines, Spartans, Cristal and Lingerie video!

3) A$AP Rocky – Wild for the Night (ft. Skrillex)

10) It’s New Years Eve and if you’re not going “wild for the night” you’re not doing it right. This hip-hop dubstep track delivers a heavy bass with shakin’ dubstep feel. Skrillex knew just how to mix this.